xBase.Future 2018

The conference will take place from 16.-19. April 2018 in Cologne.

Dear Customers, Friends & Partners of xBase.Future,

From 16.-19. April 2018 we invite you again to participate in the xBase.Future.  In 2018, the further development of X# and the cloud will remain the most important topics for us developers with Xbase roots. The sessions of Robert van der Hulst, Fabrice Foray, and Nikos Kokkalis on .NET Core, Scripting and Azure Web Services with X# fit perfectly into the Picture. 

We have further developed our conference solution from last year and show the state-of-the-art of web clients with Angular and Typescript. The mobile app has received two important extensions with authentication and push notifications, the implementation of which every developer and decision maker should understand.

One of the key issues in the (gradual) migration of solutions to cloud platforms is the migration / synchronization of data from existing data sources. We show our approaches with our DataLinkFactory.

And while most of us are very successful in developing "down-to-earth" solutions, we want to remain true to our tradition of highlighting future trends with a few sessions: look forward to lectures on artificial intelligence and the programming of voice-controlled services Alexa.


  • 16.-18.4.2017 xBase.Future
  • 19.04.2017      F​​&C Workshop Day

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We look forward to welcome you to the xBase.Future 2018 from 16.-19.04.2018 and are available for further questions.