xBase.Future 2017

The xBase.Future 2017 will take place from 25.-27. April 2017.

There can only be one?
We think that the conference in 2017 should have two main topics:

  • X# and
  • The Cloud


About X#

The technical requirements for a programming language on the .NET platform have risen even further with the Azure platform, the associated mobile app services or the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). 
Anyone who comes from xBase and wants to save as much of its code and know-how as possible in the future of Windows operating systems or web development will not be able to get past X# at the moment - it is the only xBase compiler to rely on the flag has written to support the entire spectrum of the .NET universe. So it is
clear that we offer Robert van der Hulst and his team again this platform to present the current state of his project.

About the cloud

While Microsoft is using the Azure platform to adapt itself to the threat of the end of the classic server-on-the-company IT, SAP offers an interesting contrast with the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), which is also based on the more technically advanced concept of an in-memory Database.
Who would have imagined that we once again would find an original SAP development from a technical point of view sexy?
However, the resistance of industry and associations in Germany to the cloud is slowly but surely fading. And we ask ourselves what this means in long term for a small or medium-sized software house with an established industry solution. Together with our speakers and you we would like to discuss it for 3 days and hopefully give you many interesting suggestions and ideas.

A few details:

  • The conference will be held in 2017 over 3 days
  • You will be able to book individual days
  • There is again an evening Event

Sign up and enjoy the Early Bird Award.
We are looking forward to seeing you again from 25.-27. April 2017.